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“Swinging Their Fists Manfully”: The Rice Band Saves the Day, 1935

I found this article about the Rice band getting into a fistfight in a scrapbook from the late 1930s. It looks like 1935, a good season under Coach Jimmy Kitts even though we lost this particular game. I love it … Continue reading

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Two Undated Pictures of Baseball Players

The first one is nice. If you forced me to guess I’d insist on some wiggle room and call it circa 1950. I love the uniforms. This next one I’m not so crazy about, however. The mustaches are unsettling. 1980s? … Continue reading

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Gil Hermance in the Gym (I think)

I’ve mentioned Gilbert Hermance before, in connection with the epic cracks in the old fieldhouse. Here’s a really nice photo of him taken somewhat later, after the construction of the new gym in 1950. Hermance, who retired in 1972, had … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Beefcake Edition, PLUS Lots of Other Good Stuff

Sorry, I seem to have lost my train of thought. Bonus: Given my well known appreciation of aerial shots of campus, I’m dumbfounded that nobody told me about this. (Yes, Brandon Martin, I’m looking at you.) I need to talk … Continue reading

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First Draft: Proposed Library Building, 1927

I got distracted (not exactly the upset of the year, I know) as I was leaving the Woodson this afternoon and I left behind the flash drive that holds what I was going to write about tonight. So instead of … Continue reading

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“T.W. Bonner Nuclear Research Laboratory”

In the same file folder where I found the pictures of Dr. Baker teaching I also found, logically enough, some wonderful images of the Bonner Lab. These are a great find, the kind of images that I love the most. … Continue reading

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Mixed Nuts: A Dr. Baker Update, a Link to Wiess Memorabilia and a Bobby Soxer on the Phone

An especially well-informed reader (Dr. Baker himself) sends in some clarifications of yesterday’s post: I know those pictures were not taken before 1987 because I didn’t have that book bag before the summer of 1986 and the topic of the … Continue reading

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