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Friday Afternoon Follies: Football

I’m not suggesting that it’s folly, but I understand there’s going to be a football game against Texas A&M this weekend. This sort of thing has been going on for a very long time, although I think autograph scandals add … Continue reading

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Woofus Meets His Maker, 1942

One of the more popular exhibits at the early Engineering Shows was a metal fire-breathing dog named Woofus. The first iteration seems to have been produced for the 1928 show and this one was from 1932: Woofus evolved a much … Continue reading

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Oak Leaves in the Quad, circa ’70s

While I was rifling through a folder of 1970s era materials this image instantly seized my attention: I think it’s the leadership of a group called the Rice Fund Council. Left to right are Malcolm Lovett, Sr.(’21), Harry Chavanne (’33), … Continue reading

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“In remembrance of Wiley A. Hamilton, 1881-1964”

I would guess that almost no one remembers this, but almost two years ago I wrote a post about some of the bookplates in use at Fondren. I’ve never forgotten this particular post though, because I wanted so badly to … Continue reading

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First Day of School!

Well, they’re all back now and the 2013-14 school year started today. A lot of the beginning-of-the-year rituals are kind of the same as they’ve always been, but also kind of not the same. Registration, for example, is mostly an … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Hermann Park

I’ve had a very long, hard week. I believe I’ll head across the street and join these ladies.

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Oversized Unidentified Computer Staff

Rambling idly through one of the “Oversized” boxes, the Final Home of All Things Awkwardly Shaped, I came upon this undated, unidentified photo. (It’s really big, by the way.) I may not accomplish much today but I do feel pretty … Continue reading

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