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The Answer to A Question I Never Thought to Ask: Class Rings

One last thing from The Raven, this time from one of the advertisements: It had never crossed my mind to wonder where the class rings came from back in the day before the big national companies arrived on the scene. … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Confusion Reigns, 1981

I don’t understand this: It’s labeled “FEV leading MOB at halftime, October 1981” and of course it’s absolutely the kind of thing he would enjoy. But by the fall of 1981 Frank Vandiver was already the president of Texas A&M. … Continue reading

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The Raven: Waldo Forest McNeir, ’29

The biggest surprise in the 1927 issue of The Raven turned out to be the identity of one of its editors, Waldo Forest McNeir ’29 (or M’Neir as he sometimes styled himself). It seems to have been McNeir who was the … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Mrs. Arrowood’s Bobbed Hair!

There is only one photograph in the entire 1926-27 volume of the Thresher and almost unbelievably it’s a picture of Mrs. C.F. Arrowood (Flora to her friends): Recall, please, that in the summer of 1925 she advised Corinne Tsanoff not to bob … Continue reading

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“Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees”: The Raven, 1927

The reason I’ve gotten stuck in 1927 is the unexpected discovery in the info files of a Rice publication that I thought had vanished completely. The Raven claimed to be a literary magazine, which it sort of was, and also … Continue reading

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