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Friday Follies: Riddles, 1916

In the 1916 Campanile there’s a page of riddles, asking the reader to figure out which professor is described. Some of them are easy even now but more are incomprehensible even to me. Then I found the answers! They were … Continue reading

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A Periodic Reminder

I’m getting ready to take a couple of weeks off in July and it got me thinking about last summer’s ill fated vacation. As I’m sure you all remember before I got sick I made it as far as the … Continue reading

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Modern Homes Tour, 1957: Part 2

There was so much good commentary about the architecture and especially the sculpture in last week’s post about Anderson Todd’s photos from the tour of modern homes that I was inspired to go back for another look at the slides. … Continue reading

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“We won’t allow the future to outpace us.”

Believe it or not, I found this ad for Celanese on ebay when I searched for “Rice Institute.” It took me a minute to see why it came up: I don’t know the date, the magazine, or anything else but … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Possible Solution to Basketball Transfer Epidemic

Circa 1980. He looks like he’s getting decent backspin on the shot. Sign him up, I say.

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Modern Home Tour, 1957

We had a researcher this week who used a couple of boxes from the papers of Rice architecture professor Anderson Todd. In one of those boxes I found two sheets of slides that Todd apparently took on a 1957 tour … Continue reading

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“he evaded questions in his St. Charles hotel room,” 1938

I found a simply fabulous photo of Dr. Lovett the other day, one with what certainly appears to be a smile: I know it was taken in New Orleans in June, 1938 because there was a clipping on the back … Continue reading

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