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Friday Afternoon Follies

Back in ancient times before the invention of photoshop, people who wanted to mess with pictures had to use scissors. I think he might actually be sitting on the pony, though, with just the background replaced. Ernie Lain was a really … Continue reading

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On December 1, 1928 Professor J.H. Pound went up in an airplane.

Remember Pound? He’s come up here twice before, both times in connection with aviation. It’s been rattling around in my head for some time that somewhere I had seen a photo of him standing in front of an airplane. Today, … Continue reading

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General Holiday

I’m currently up to my eyeballs in documents about the 1969 Masterson Crisis. This is depressing and is sapping my will to go on, so I’m declaring today a General Holiday and heading off to the swimming pool. I’ll be … Continue reading

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The Founder’s Room

Originally it was the faculty chamber, of course, and it was quite beautiful. This picture was taken in 1941 at the 25th Reunion of the first graduating class. I’m not sure when they did away with this configuration, which was … Continue reading

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Bare Ground

I’m out in the country for a few days trying to get some reading and writing done before fall semester starts. (It’s sweltering out here on the front porch, but it’s very quiet.) But fear not. I’ve got lots of … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

I promise I’ll stop picking on Neal Lane just as soon as I run out of good material. This was taken at Norman Hackerman’s inauguration in 1971. Not everyone managed to get a balloon.

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“The faith of girls is rewarded”

Sometimes things just line right up with no special effort. By my reckoning, I’ve been due for one of these episodes for several weeks and I got it yesterday. It started with another trophy.  On Tuesday afternoon I went back … Continue reading

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The High Jumper, Part II

After I wore myself out thinking about where the picture of the high jumper was taken (to no resolution), I began to wonder whether I could figure out who he was. I began with the assumption that it was a … Continue reading

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The High Jumper

One of the pictures  I got from Tommy Lavergne last week shows a high jumper in mid-leap. There is another picture I’m pretty sure was taken at the same, of a pole vaulter. (I’ll talk more about that one later.) … Continue reading

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Late last week I got an email from Tommy Lavergne, the campus photographer. It was a bit of a shaggy dog story–I laughed out loud several times as I read it, wondering what the heck he was getting at. When … Continue reading

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