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Friday Morning Follies: Unappetizing

This is the kind of week I’ve had. I’m knocking off early.

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The Rice Flying Club, 1929 plus Ready for My Closeup

One of the things that I always have an eye out for is evidence of the continuing passion for aviation that runs through the early decades at the Institute. While I was looking for something in some Threshers from the … Continue reading

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Closing In on the Bent

This has been comically difficult. Really, I’ve been laughing as I’ve gone along. Part of what makes it all so interesting is that the engineering quad has been photographed so much over the years that there are hundred of images … Continue reading

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Did They Have Golf in the Soviet Union?

I hate to let anyone see me break out in a sweat, but I’m forced to admit that at this point I am working very, very hard to figure out the Tau Beta Pi bent story. Could there possibly be … Continue reading

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Back to Abercrombie

The harder I tried to figure out what happened with that Tau Beta Pi bent in front of Abercrombie the more confused I got, so I went all the way back to the beginning and took things one step at … Continue reading

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Monday Bonus: In Today’s Mailbag . . .

We received a chastity belt. It came with a nice note, letting us know that the author’s father found it in the Administration Building (Lovett) in the 1930s. One can only hope it was a theatrical prop of some sort.

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Ho, ho, ho

It’s always so much harder to get it down than it was to put it up. Bonus: On Monday, we’ll go back to Abercrombie. I’ve made some progress.

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