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My personal debt to Rice University . . . is quite fundamental,” 1963

F. Ellis Johnson was one of the original members of the Rice faculty. He arrived in Houston in 1912 to take up his first teaching position as an instructor in the nascent Department of Electrical Engineering and stayed until 1915. … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Mechanical Malfunction

I like this guy’s style: It turned up in Dr. Bill’s stuff, by the way, undated. Bonus: I don’t understand this either.

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Secession, 1992

We recently received a whole bunch of Dr. Bill Wilson’s things in the Woodson and among them I found these peculiar documents: This is, of course, a complete mystery. If anyone can explain, please do. Although I suspect no really … Continue reading

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“the first such award ever to be made,” 1937

Last week’s post about how Dr. Lovett received the scroll and the second Gold Medal from the Rice alumni in 1941 immediately raises the question of who got the first one.  My initial guess turned out to be correct–it was … Continue reading

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Lost Again, circa 1970

Poking around in my laptop I came across this image taken sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s by Bob Roosth ’70 ’71, who was a photographer for the Thresher and the Campanile. I have no idea who any … Continue reading

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Maxfield Hall, Part 2

As promised, a couple of small things I noticed at Maxfield Hall the other day. First, remember the long saga about the original light fixtures in the Mech Lab cloisters? If you missed it, the story is here and here. … Continue reading

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Maxfield Hall: Part 1, 2021

I had some time last week to walk over and take a look at the newly renovated Mech Lab, now called Maxfield Hall in honor of Katherine and Bob Maxfield ’63, whose generous gift made the work possible. I was … Continue reading

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