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Israel Naman, ’38

I’ve been hearing rumors recently that our brutal heat wave might break soon. It’s been miserable. But as bad as it’s been, it could have been worse. Imagine what it was like here before air conditioning! I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

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The 1939 Rice Owl Poll, plus some surprising titillation

I had a few minutes this afternoon to look through the 1939 and 1940 issues of the Rice Owl, the humor magazine that evolved into a predecessor of the Sallyport. I couldn’t find the results from the men’s poll–they may … Continue reading

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A funny little snapshot of campus life, circa 1939

I ran across this today, in a guy’s scrapbook. He graduated in 1940 and this was probably circulated sometime during his junior year. Click on it to read. Click twice if your eyes are bad. The first line made me … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Suffragette edition

Zoom in and check out the banner on the young woman in the tree. Votes for Women! (I’m still not totally convinced this was a good idea.) They are all members of Rice’s first graduating class, I believe. The one … Continue reading

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Again with the ironwork, plus Norman Hackerman with a spring in his step

I had kind of a rough day today–plumbing issues at home and a class to get to tonight–so I don’t have a whole lot to say. But it gives me a chance to put up another picture of my beloved … Continue reading

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A Roof for Rice Stadium?

Earlier this summer I had a nice visit in the Woodson with a couple of loyal readers. One of them, Leonard Lane, ’74, took an interest in something in a display case and astutely suggested that I write a post … Continue reading

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Trophy Case, Part II

A small note: Before I get to the history of the trophy case, let me assure everyone that all the stuff that was in the case is now safe in the arms of the Woodson Research Center. With one large, … Continue reading

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