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Friday Follies: Peace, circa 1969

Those were interesting times. Bonus: Apparently there was a post-Harvey ant invasion over by Hanszen. (Thanks to an always alert colleague!)

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“Border to Border: Coast to Coast,” Rice Football 1966

I was delighted the other day to come into possession of two boxes full of memorabilia that originally came from Gene Hinyard ’69. (They were Tony Lama boxes from a store in San Saba!) The best thing in them proved … Continue reading

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“the tender ties of love,” October 24, 1916

I noticed in the Thresher story from yesterday’s post that the president of the sophomore class accompanied Dr. Lovett on the trip to bring Warren Goss’s body home to his parents. The sophomore’s president that year was Otto Eisenlohr, whose … Continue reading

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Warren Eldridge Goss, 1895-1916

Many thanks to the readers who did so much heavy lifting in the comment section to help us understand more about the memorial plaques I wrote about yesterday. I don’t always have enough time to run things down and it … Continue reading

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“Would have graduated with the class of 1919”

One of the things we do a poor job of at Rice is keeping track of memorials, of the things that are named in honor or in memory of our people. The saddest example of this I’ve ever come across … Continue reading

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“I have no recollection of what I used these for,” circa 1918-20

I’m at a conference the rest of the week and will return on Monday. In the meantime here’s something for y’all to ponder. I have no idea what they could be either and all I can add is that whatever … Continue reading

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Coach Philip Heckman Arbuckle

I’ll put aside Coach Arbuckle’s slightly off kilter training regimen for the moment and talk instead about the fine job he did for Rice under difficult circumstances. Arbuckle had been recruited as our first AD as well as the first … Continue reading

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