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Friday Follies: Mr. Rice, 2013

I have no idea how I failed to notice this before. It’s epic: Every month is its own small miracle but September is my favorite: 2013 was the only one in the folder but I fervently hope this is till … Continue reading

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The H&H Ranch plus How Things Sometimes Go Awry

Yesterday’s post on the 1956 freshman class picnic brought this fantastic photograph from Bill Visinsky ’79. It was taken at the place the picnic was held, the H&H ranch, but I know neither the date nor the occasion. Please chime … Continue reading

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“Who me? Worry?” Freshman Class Picnic, 1956

The Woodson has a pretty thorough collection of commencement materials and over time the individual folders have become a sort of catch-all for all kinds of things relating to each class. Tucked in the back of a file I found … Continue reading

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“On the way home we sang songs, cut up, and murdered mosquitoes,” 1924

Last week we received a delightful surprise, the 1920s-era diary of Louie Lee Berry ’25, which was donated by her grandson, Patrick Clegg. We’re extremely grateful to him and his family and also to Rachel Dvoretzky, who had the good … Continue reading

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“for reasons distinctly racial I am seeing all the doors of universities closed in front of me,” 1928

This is a picture of the first faculty of Yeshiva College (now University), taken in 1928. I found it reproduced in a biography of Bernard Revel, Yeshiva’s first president, and when I looked at the names along the bottom my … Continue reading

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What’s In Woodson: “one of the joys of our collection,” 1975

I’m sure many of you have already seen last week’s post by my colleague Norie Guthrie in our What’s in Woodson blog, but if you haven’t this link will get you there. It’s about a collection of American Civil War … Continue reading

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“the only real objection is the appearance of men’s legs,” 1936

So this all started last week when I was looking in the information files for the Service Awards folder. Here’s what it looks like inside one of these drawers: It’s safe to say I’ve opened this drawer hundreds of times … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Probably O-Week, no date

Nothing says “I’ve arrived at an elite institution of higher learning” quite like a shopping cart race: This is a really nice Baker College scrapbook that has everything except a date. Note: The Woodson is closed Monday so I’ll be … Continue reading

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“Computer Science at Rice,” 1966

I got some questions in the comments to yesterday’s post about John Alan Robinson and the possibility that arose in 1966 of starting a Department of Computer Science–so here’s what I know. In the fall of 1966 President Pitzer brought … Continue reading

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Rice’s First Computer Science Class, 1964

From what I can tell it was offered by the Department of Philosophy, Psychology, and Education. (How’s that for frugal administration?) It was taught by John Alan Robinson, a British born philosopher, mathematician, and computer scientist: This class was an … Continue reading

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