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Friday Afternoon Follies: I Give Up. What Does This Say??

Band on the way to the stadium, early 1970s, I think. What on earth does that card say? Bonus: Another mystery. I noticed this last week because it was freshly painted. Were the bus stops always numbered?

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Beer Bike 1957

One of my colleagues in the Woodson recently brought in a couple of boxes of stuff from Hanszen College. Among the many treasures are some scrapbooks, one beginning all the way back before the college system was in place and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Bonus Video: Fellowship

This is nice. Feels like home. Bonus bonus:

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Memorial Day 2013

Some of you might have noticed that this year’s commencement was Rice’s hundredth even though we just celebrated our centennial last fall. The extra graduations came during World War Two because we were moving Navy V-12 participants through as fast … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Fun With Physics

This is Gerry Phillips, who was head of the Physics Department and Director of the Bonner Lab, with a friend. It looks like some kind of meter.

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At the Rice History Corner, Everybody is Somebody

Remember, I warned you that I might post at unauthorized times this summer. This is one of them. I feel compelled to talk a little bit about yesterday’s comments, which brought me great happiness. Having spent a couple of decades … Continue reading

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Roger Penrose at Rice, 1983-87

Many thanks to those who commented on Monday’s post, especially John Polking.  He pointed out that the bonus picture showed something called Penrose tiles, named for a mathematician who was at Rice briefly in the ’80s. Here they are: Well, … Continue reading

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A Surprising Stash of Obsolete Technology

I found a large number of old maps in a History Department storage closet today. (I was happy to discover that the History Department has kept their old stuff in very nice order.) These are the kind of maps that … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Sooey!

I mentioned a little while ago that I’d found a bunch of interesting band photos. Those rascals have been up to mischief of one sort or another since the band was formed and it seems that there was often a … Continue reading

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Jones College Symposium, 1963: “The Role of the Educated Woman.” Now With Bonus Update!

Now this is really interesting. It was one of the many events organized for Rice’s Semicentennial–two full days of speakers and panel discussions about the place of women in modern society. And here’s the Sallyport article about the event. Look … Continue reading

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