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Tearing Down The Old Stadium, 1951

I took the day off today and have simply given up the struggle to get back to work this evening. So in place of my usual insightful banter here’s some interesting photos, presented with no commentary at all: Well, I … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Pinball Sammy

In the tunnels, no less. Space is always at a premium on campus. Bonus: I saw a parade of chefs in front of Lovett Hall this morning, quite a striking sight.  

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A Family Commencement Story, 1920

A little while ago we were looking for a photograph of Mrs. Lovett to use in a display that was part of a recent program on the history of women at Rice. (It’s still up in the cases by the … Continue reading

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Not with a bang but a whimper

No, not the end of the world, just the end of the Rice trolley. I found this while reading through Threshers from the 1929-30 school year in an effort to shed some light on the glass plate images I found … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Library edition

This is Richard O’Keefe, Rice Librarian from 1968 until 1979, showing off what is apparently some cool technology: I especially like this one–he looks like the cat that ate the canary: Unfortunately, I have no real idea what the machine … Continue reading

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Smiling Through the Catastrophe, 1976

After I posted about the 1966 Fondren flood a little while ago, from deep in alumni storage boxes (or hard drives, more likely) up bubbled pictures of something I’d never seen before: the flood in the RMC a decade later. … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Live Nudes, 1929

My email box is full of a lot of unseemly clamoring for the nude shots I mentioned the other day. (Shocking, I know.) This is the only one I can post–the others, clearly taken at the same time, have more … Continue reading

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Matriculation, 1929

After a very long day I’ve now seen most of the images from the glass plate negatives I talked about yesterday and I’m even more thankful for my great good fortune in finding them. Here is one of the real … Continue reading

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A Startling Discovery

When we talk in the Woodson about “the glass plate negatives” we all know what that means: a couple of boxes of pictures taken on campus just before and during the formal opening ceremonies in 1912. This is the source … Continue reading

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Is it Spring yet?

After this cold winter, I want badly to believe it is. The azaleas along the drive that leads to Lovett Hall seem to be saying that spring is at least near. It’s a little late but they’re finally about to … Continue reading

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