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Friday Follies: “sadly ignorant of the ways of modern youth,” 1928

I’ve read a lot of Thresher editorials over the years (painful) but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such hard hitting commentary about underwear before. Truly, the mind reels: Bonus: Nobody does holidays like those maniacs over in Circulation.

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Not Lee’s Owls, 1924

Back in 2017 I wrote a quick and dirty post about this picture, memorable mostly for the discussion in the comments about the instrument sitting on its side in front of the banjo player, apparently a Chinese lute: But then … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Football, Finally

It sounds like they’re actually intending to play tomorrow but since they won’t be letting anyone into the stadium to watch I guess an old fashioned pep rally is out of the question: I’m think that was taken in 1927 … Continue reading

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“He can be a help to Rice,” Placido Gomez, ’42

One of the comments on last week’s post about Hispanics at Rice came from Tomas Molina ’68 who talked about being one of the very few Hispanic athletes on campus. This brought back to mind an earlier Mexican-American athlete, Placido … Continue reading

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Unidos Podemos, 2020 and 1972

I was walking on campus yesterday and saw a banner celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, which I hadn’t known about before. It turns out that Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t a single calendar month but actually crosses  from September 15 to October … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Easy Rider, no date

Sometimes I can’t even fathom why someone took a particular photograph. This is an especially grim scene, possibly somewhere deep in the library by the look of the tile underneath the stained carpet remnant: The reason for memorializing this vista … Continue reading

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Attention MOBSTERS and MOB Adjacents!

Just in time for the online Homecoming we have an attempt to capture some of the unrecorded (and likely extremely checkered) history of the famous (infamous?) Rice Mob. For some reason I agreed to cooperate with this: Hey MOB, MOBalums … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: So It’s Not Just Me, 1941

This really brought a smile to my face. We actually own stationery that says “Sorry for the delay . . . ” but this was an entire year! It must have been at the bottom of some enormous pile. They … Continue reading

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