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Farewell Party for Paul (’38) and Ruth Pfeiffer

There was a lovely farewell this afternoon over in Duncan Hall for the Pfeiffers. Paul, of course, has been at Rice for a while. He arrived on campus in 1934 and seemed to like it here. In any event, he … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

I don’t know who the handsome subject of this photograph is, but the goofball in the back is none other than our friend Bessie Smith. She was really something. Bonus: Paw prints near the Shepherd School!

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Friday Morning Bonus Post: What’s that Big Stick They Carry at Commencement?

Here’s this week’s video, featuring the estimable Dr. Keith Cooper discussing the history of the Rice University Mace.

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Looking West from the Administration Building, 1912

There’s been a lot of talk around here in the last few weeks about commencement, academic processions and the use of landscaping to create the quad where it all takes place. As I’ve been working all this out I’ve frequently … Continue reading

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Sprucing Up

Getting ready for commencement, of course, means more than just putting up the platform. One of the other things I enjoy every year is the general sprucing up of the campus. On the one hand this is just good maintenance … Continue reading

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How Do You Make A Quad With Two Buildings?

My day today was totally out of control, but I still have something delicious for you. The topic of the hedges has come up repeatedly for me in recent days, most recently in the context of commencement. The closed hedges … Continue reading

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The Happiest Day of the Year

I think it’s happy for two reasons. First, because preparations for commencement means that it’s almost summer! Everyone loves summer. But beneath that, it’s also happy because it gives us assurance of continuity. That’s what these rituals are for, at … Continue reading

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