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Friday Afternoon Follies, Basketball Edition

This was taken during a game in the original fieldhouse–we have very, very few of these pictures and I don’t have any good way to date it. I feel uneasy just looking at this contraption. I guess the dunk hadn’t … Continue reading

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Wanna see a really big hole?

Wowee–this is a really big hole: Obviously, this is the beginning of construction of Sewall Hall. The building makes a lot more sense when you see this. Suddenly, I understand why you enter it on the third floor. Here’s something … Continue reading

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That Lone Pine

A little while ago someone asked in the comments about the lone pine tree that’s visible in many of the pictures of campus construction in the late 1950s. Is it possible that it’s still standing? Here it is in a … Continue reading

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Christmas, Continued

I received several objections–all of them citing the fleeting nature of life–to my decision in the last post to save one of the Christmas cards I found in Professor Lear’s papers for next year. The point is well taken. So, … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings from the William Houstons

Last year I posted a Christmas card from President and Mrs. Lovett–the same card they sent every year. It was a simple but lovely embossed card: When William Houston became president, he continued the tradition of sending cards and they … Continue reading

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Inside the Walls of Baker Commons

I got back to campus today and I must admit that I really enjoyed being back. I had badly missed my colleagues–and my scanner. I figured that I would be tired and would just put up a post tonight about … Continue reading

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Christmas in Boston, 1909

This is the Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson office Christmas party in December, 1909. The Boston architectural firm had been hired by Rice Institute President Edgar O. Lovett in the late summer of that year to design a campus development plan … Continue reading

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