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Friday Follies: Consternation

No names, no date, and I have no idea what they’re looking at. But it doesn’t look good: Bonus: My always helpful readers have informed me that I flipped at least two out three of yesterday’s pictures. The Rice History … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: Jones College, 1959

We have very few pictures of the early years of Jones College in the Woodson (and even fewer written materials) so I was happy to find these images from December, 1959 in the Houston Post collection today. I can’t properly … Continue reading

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“a large pinch of courage,” 1966

I can no longer remember what I was looking for when I came across this delightful little booklet: It’s nice idea–the library staff getting together for a sort of smorgasbord at the home of Mary Alice Hamilton and then collecting … Continue reading

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Warning Card, 1935

If you thought English Zero was deflating wait until you see this, also from 1935: Sent home to your parents too! (That would probably be a FERPA violation today.) As I said yesterday, they were not fooling around. Rice students … Continue reading

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English Zero, 1933

I’m out of town for a meeting and can manage to grab just a moment to post. I offer only this, currently my top candidate for Most Dispiriting Course Title Ever: These people were not kidding around either. Although anyone … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “It’s fun . . . It’s relaxing . . . and so . . . EASY!

Here’s Florence Stancliff ’27, circa late-’50s, showing them how it was done back in her day. I actually have no idea what’s going on here or even whose leg that is but it doesn’t look relaxing at all. I admit … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: RFK at Rice, 1959

We’re all familiar with the pictures of John F. Kennedy delivering his moonshot speech at Rice stadium. They’re iconic images. But today in the Houston Post photo archives at the HMRC I was surprised to find pictures of his brother … Continue reading

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Pajama Time, 1960

I had a very busy day today, full of fun but exhausting. I’m going to turn in. Catch y’all in the morning. Bonus: From the printmaking studio.

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The First Studio Art Building, 1966

The Woodson recently received a painting by Peter Sartorius ’68. We are very grateful to him. It’s a lovely little work and it’s notable because it depicts an important and almost completely forgotten piece of Rice history: This is the … Continue reading

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Through the Foyer

Regular readers will surely recall that from time to time I will whine about how people take the same pictures over and over again. Through ten decades there’s been an uninterrupted stream of images of students and their relatives posing … Continue reading

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