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“Tentative Location of Proposed Library Group,” 1941

When Tommy sent that beautiful shot of Brochstein Pavilion the other day he also included this lovely image of the campus taken from just above the main entrance: It made me remember this drawing, which I found about a month … Continue reading

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A Big Night Sometime in the 1960s, Plus A Bonus You Really Want to See

We’ve gotten quite a bit of new material in the archives this summer and one of the collections kind of unexpectedly contains some great photographs. I don’t typically find a lot of glamor in Rice records but here’s a real … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Library Cops

Did you think we were kidding about those overdue books??

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Building Boom

Astute commenter effegee noted this about yesterday’s aerial photo: The period of the earlier picture must have been an extraordinary one with so much changing all at once. The 1998-2002 building boom was challenging but I think the level of … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Summer Clean Up

It’s been surprisingly busy for me lately. Various offices and departments are taking advantage of the July lull to clean things out or clean things up. Here’s how it goes: someone makes the decision to change some of the carpeting … Continue reading

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Young Whippersnapper Hired to Coach Rice Baseball

I ran across these in the Campus Photographer collection. I think they must be from 1992. That looks like Athletic Director Bobby May with the new hire, Wayne Graham: Interestingly, the media was out in full force for this event. … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Incoming Freshman

Matriculation, 1993. I’m pretty sure he’s from out of state. Bonus: Mr. Rice History Corner, either peeking at the progress of the new Continuing Studies building or waiting to be frisked. Also, many thanks to all who commented the other … Continue reading

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“Duplicates,” undated

Yesterday I was digging around in the files that came over a couple years ago from the campus photographers. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did come across some other great material, including an entire folder … Continue reading

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Two From the 1920 Campanile

I normally don’t bother posting images from yearbooks because they’re such low quality, which is kind of a shame. They’re often indescribably bizarre, particularly some of the ones from the early years, which come from a world that is so … Continue reading

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Helen Redfield, ’20

I’ve posted quite a bit about the early history of Rice’s biology department and consequently thought that it would yield no more surprises. I was, as is often the case, mistaken. My new surprise began with this: It’s a very … Continue reading

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