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Friday Follies: Science or Refreshments?

Hard to tell. It’s unlabeled, naturally. I love those benches.

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Pivot Point, 1946

This afternoon completely by chance I stumbled across an amazing picture. I was randomly–randomly!–leafing through folders in the photo files and my heart leapt when I saw this: There are almost no good images of the Rice board before very … Continue reading

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Star Electric

Thinking about those early Rice students and the loyalty and friendship that endured among them I was reminded of a set of images that I probably should have talked about earlier. It starts with a picture that I’ve looked at … Continue reading

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Student Spirit that Never Died

The spirit of pride and ownership engendered in those early Rice classes was something that stayed with them for the rest of their lives. Their sense of themselves as pioneers grew rather than faded after their graduation and their loyalty … Continue reading

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Student Spirit, 1921

Since last week’s post about the origin of the freshman beanie I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how to characterize the particular quality of those early Institute classes. I still haven’t committed to any particular language but I did … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Stick Out Your Tongue, 1968

One more from this batch, just so we can all enjoy the sparkly dresses. Who doesn’t love a sparkly dress?

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Groundbreaking for the R Room, 1971

As usual I found this great picture while I was looking for something else: My first reaction was simple bliss. Not only is it fully labeled and dated, it also features a fantastic lineup of Rice personages. My second reaction … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Beanie

One of my favorite things about the early years of the Institute is their home-made quality. With no traditions or even examples close at hand the students merrily made up campus life as they went along.  Most of their organizations … Continue reading

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Michael Carroll, 1936-2016

  Michael Carroll, Rice’s Dean of Engineering from 1988 to 1998, passed away the other day.  He was a remarkable man in more than one way, deeply intelligent and fantastically well read but also joyful, curious, and full of the … Continue reading

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I accomplished exactly nothing that I meant to today. Instead I went out for lunch with some old friends, attended a 15-year-old’s birthday party, and got my nails done with my lovely daughters. It was great! Still feeling a bit … Continue reading

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