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Good Luck Getting a Tee Time on Labor Day

I’ll be back on Tuesday.    

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Friday Morning Fine Arts

This lovely image was taken sometime in the ’70s, but I don’t know where:   I found this one at the end of the contact sheet that featured Vladimir Putin’s arrival on campus in 2001. It surely must have been … Continue reading

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Hanging Out in the Admin Building Parking Lot

Someone raised the question in the comments to this post the other day of whether people would be allowed to park so close to the Sallyport. The answer is that for many decades yes, indeed they would. Here’a a nice … Continue reading

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Two Views of the Front of the RMC

This surprised me. It doesn’t look all that old (’80s? ’70s?): But look how different it is today:   Bonus: What the heck, just for fun let’s make it three views of the front of the RMC. This one looks … Continue reading

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Singing Cowboy, 1955

You really never know what will turn up next. These are some of the sweetest pictures I’ve come across in the Woodson. They were taken at Rice Day in April, 1955. Rice Day was an alumni sponsored all-university event, a … Continue reading

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First Day, 1929

You have to register first. Freshmen filled out enrollment cards, which astonishingly still exist and which I look at regularly. They don’t contain a whole lot of information but often there will be a clue that points me in a … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Baby: 9 pounds, 1 ounce

I got a brand new granddaughter this afternoon. It feels something like this, about nine parts relief and one part trepidation: I expect that ratio to flip in short order. Bonus:

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Army ROTC, April 1954

Is this technology obsolete? I suspect so, but I don’t really know what it is. Some kind of teletype? Actually, there seem to be several different things going on here and I don’t understand any of them. Also, I can … Continue reading

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A Visit to Campus, 1938

Some interesting photographs turned up in the papers of Ray Watkin Hoagland Strange ’36, recently. In them, we see Ray on a visit to campus two years after her graduation in the company of some of her co-workers. I was frankly … Continue reading

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Fountain Trouble

Doesn’t look good, circa 1998: Doesn’t look good, circa 2012: The guts of the thing are kind of pretty, though:   Bonus: I had to get inside the area marked in red in order to make out where that area … Continue reading

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