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The Graduate Research Wing, 1969

We’re getting ready to fly back to Houston after scrapping our original plans to drive. Apparently there’s some sort of blizzard between here and there. I wasted quite a bit of time this afternoon just looking at the pictures I … Continue reading

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Used Cars, 1951

I was looking back over some posts this morning and realized that I may have inadvertently given everyone the impression that the “Sundry Contracts” file is full of important–or at least semi-important–documents. In truth, though, the stuff in there is … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

I’d like to see a lot more of this kind of thing, complete with the generous party supplies over his shoulder. Gin . . . . I’m a big fan.

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The Commons Kitchen, or The Truth Will Out

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading Threshers recently, trying to puzzle out the gags in the 1937 Owl map. I’ve made some headway, but of course I’ve also bumped into a lot of unrelated yet still compelling … Continue reading

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On the Road

We spent all day today on the road, driving between the Colorado mountains and Omaha. You know what’s out there? Not much. That makes for a pretty long day, so instead of commentary I’ll offer a puzzle. This was a … Continue reading

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The View from Inside the Old Stadium

When I first looked at these photos from Maxwell Reade’s scrapbook, I assumed they were taken after the 1938 stadium upgrade. On closer inspection, though, I see that he took them before the renovation, during the 1937 football season. Luckily, … Continue reading

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The 1937 Campus Map and the “New” Rice Stadium

If you go back and look at the 1937 Owl map, up at the top an arrow points to the “new Rice Stadium.”  I don’t pretend to understand whatever joke is being made here, but I’m interested by the reference … Continue reading

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