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Tree Trimming at Brown College, 1972

This feels like a very long time ago to me. Something was gained but something also was lost in the switch to mixed sex colleges:

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A Weight Off My Mind

Remember this picture of Wiess College personages from a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve studied it every day since then, trying to figure out what was rolling around in my head that made it seem so familiar. When I looked … Continue reading

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A Final Thought on Those Notes About the Power Plant: Nancy Boothe, ’52

There’s only one thread left hanging: The last thing Alan Chapman noted was that whoever it was that was asking questions about the early history of the power plant ought to get over to the archives and ask Nancy Boothe … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Pickin’ and Grinnin’

Well, this was unexpected. Yet another banjo appears. Homecoming, 1970. Bonus:

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Christmas Tree Battle, 1963

Here’s a short item from the December 11, 1963 Thresher that is so perfectly Rice-like it almost brought a tear to my eye: Bonus:

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September 28, 1910

I’ve recently been scanning very old photos for a project I’m working on. We have a surprisingly large number of images from the two years before the Institute opened, taken to document the construction progress. I came across one a … Continue reading

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A Visit to Campus, 1962

A few months ago I put up some pictures of a visit to campus in 1938 by Ray Watkin and some of her friends which included this striking photo: Ray, the daughter of Rice architect William Ward Watkin, continued to … Continue reading

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A Snow Owl and A Scrapbook

Loyal reader John Wolda sent me this image the other day, noting that he didn’t know when it was taken. I don’t know when it was taken either. But I bet one of you does. And speaking of John Wolda, … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: MBAbys

I found these rascals in some Jones School materials. It’s undated but I guess there must have been a baby boom one year. I like to think they all work at Goldman Sachs now.

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The Bayou City Boys

Like several of you I was quite taken with the ad for banjo lessons in yesterday’s clipping from the Thresher but I couldn’t really see any reasonable way to follow up on it: Still, as long as I had the 1963 … Continue reading

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