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Some Interesting Notes on Transportation, 1923

I was looking for something in an old Thresher yesterday and after I found it I browsed for a while, ending up quite taken with this story about how people got to school in 1923: There are a couple of … Continue reading

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Familiar Faces, 1948

Many times I’ve lamented the way that loyal and long-serving staff members quietly disappear from the records and memory of this university. Even putting aside the fact that we can only do our work because of theirs, staff members are … Continue reading

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“Duly received in good condition,” 1910

Here’s another bit of arcana that turned up in Ray Strange’s collection, a letter from Dr. Lovett’s secretary acknowledging receipt of some trees: It seems like a rather odd list, nothing native, perhaps all meant as experiments. Aside from the … Continue reading

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Friday Follies on Thursday: All Hope Abandon, circa 1970

I’ll be out tomorrow so we’ll have to have our foolishness today. This is from a spectacular collection that we recently received from a former Campanile photographer. Bonus:

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Me and My Mom, Both on the Roof

My mom passed away one year ago and I’ve been slowly making my way through the photographs she left behind. This has been wonderful, although mixed with the certain knowledge that the owl of minerva does indeed take flight at … Continue reading

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The Rice Hotel, c1909

There’s a pretty good sized collection back in the vault that consists of materials gathered by Ray Watkin Hoagland Strange ’36 about the career of her father, William Ward Watkin. I kind of knew those boxes were back there but … Continue reading

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The Dedication of the George R. Brown School of Engineering, 1975

These two images came out of the same file folder, entitled “George R. Brown School Dedication.” Both are odd and I’m struggling to see how they might relate to each other. First, this looks like Mr. Brown is leading a … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Build That Wall? 1917

I’m pretty aggressively uninterested in domestic partisan politics but when a researcher showed me this picture from Jimmy Waters’ (’17) scrapbook I couldn’t help but laugh: It wasn’t on the border, alas, but at Ft. Bullis near San Antonio. Bonus: … Continue reading

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Norman Hackerman’s Notebook, Plus Owl for One

The other astounding thing I found in Norman Hackerman’s desk that day in 2007 was this ordinary looking spiral notebook: Inside it was anything but mundane. Norman used it throughout his entire long presidency–very nearly from the first day to … Continue reading

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