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Balcony Fanfare, 1985

Over on Facebook my post about the profoundly boring Sewall Hall brought forth some commentary about our collective failure to put the various balconies on campus to good dramatic use. In fact, I can think only one example of such … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “Not every home owner can say ‘My grass went to Rice.'”

I just found this in a notebook I got from a retired faculty member. It speaks, I think, for itself. It’s not dated but it must have been late February, 1965.

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Waiters Payroll, Capitol Hotel, 1897

It was renamed the Rice Hotel after William Marsh Rice’s death in 1900 but it was called the Capitol Hotel when he was alive and its owner. Interestingly, running this hotel became one of the main preoccupations of the Institute’s … Continue reading

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Sewall Hall vs. Physics Building

Sometime recently, maybe last week, I mentioned somewhere that I wanted to write a post about how I think Sewall Hall fails by being (unlike Lovett Hall and the original Physics Building) too symmetrical. “Fails” might be too strong a … Continue reading

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“This flying field was right next to the Rice fence,” 1918

Over the years I’ve come across a number of tantalizing hints about an airport or maybe just a landing strip on or very near the Rice campus back in the late teens and 1920s. Here’s one of the most interesting, … Continue reading

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Rice Village Aerial, 1948

Check out this beauty from the Houston Metropolitan Research Center at the Houston Public Library: It’s a nice crisp shot taken in the fall of 1948, more or less directly over the top of the Village. I wouldn’t have been … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Bonkers

I have no data about this picture, which I found in a small box labeled “Unsorted Slides” but it made me smile. My first wild guess is late ’70s: Bonus: I thought about touching it anyway. I didn’t but I … Continue reading

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