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HMRC Thursday: Tidelands, 1958-59

When I arrived at Rice in 1991 the old Tidelands Motel had been the Graduate House for some time already. A grim, ill-lighted building, it also had a weird, scruffy sort of charm. I’ve heard people talk about its early … Continue reading

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“the invisible value of sewing” 1958

I was quite tickled when I came across this little invitation to a needlepoint exhibition and a tea in the faculty club to meet the artist. What, I thought, could possibly be sweeter, or more old fashioned? Knowing Mrs. Owen, … Continue reading

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Horn Section, no date

No identifications either. And it doesn’t seem right that such good looking horn players should be without names. I’m hoping someone will know who they are and when this was taken: Bonus: Faithful reader Alan Shelby sends this great picture … Continue reading

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“In Memory of Frank and Della Clark Lyon”

One afternoon about a year and half or so ago I was prowling the back corners of Fondren, just looking around to see what there was to be seen. I noticed for the first time that there’s a plaque on … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Fake News, 1953

I don’t have any idea why they couldn’t just film commencement. Bonus: There’s been some clamor for more bricks. This one, with its lovely lace background, was sent by reader Jeff Ross who says it’s a survivor from old Wiess.

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HMRC Thursday: A Man’s Got to Have His Priorities, 1958

In the Houston Post photo files that I’ve been working with each envelope contains both negatives and the assignment sheet that led to their production. So I can see that the photographer who was sent out to the Rice practice … Continue reading

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Hans Ander, ’25

I’m sure you all recall that a couple of years ago I discovered English Professor George Williams ’23 had left notes in his correspondence files describing his relationships with the letter writers. Here’s one that briefly describes the life and … Continue reading

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The Grim Reaper Visits Faculty Council, 1966

There are weary days when I feel like I’ve seen it all but I have never seen this before: Death may interrupt for a moment but the trivia of academic governance grinds ever onward. Bonus: Dr. Davies. Extra Bonus: Still … Continue reading

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“we used to laugh because that’s the only place he was happy”

I’ve been poking around recently in the papers gathered by Fredericka Meiners ’63, ’72 during the writing of her book on the early history of Rice. (This is an exceptionally accurate work, by the way, and I refer to it … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: George Rupp Celebrates Staff Appreciation Day

I’d rather have this than the ice cream social: Bonus: When I got back from vacation I saw that the chairs outside the Brochstein Pavilion had been replaced. I thought “Who authorized these crazy chairs?!” Then I remembered that I’d … Continue reading

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