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Friday Follies: “30 Degree Weather, 1984”

That’s all it says on the back of this one: Possible material for the “I Go to Rice, I Must Be Smart” file.

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HMRC Thursday: RMC Construction, 1957

I spent my whole day today working through several boxes of photographs from the Harper Leiper Collection at the HMRC. Harper Leiper was a prolific commercial photographer, active in Houston from the 1950s through the 1970s. They were hired by … Continue reading

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Samson Agonistes, 1960

The RMC chapel was dedicated in 1959 and immediately began hosting all kinds of events, from religious services to art exhibits, lectures, and concerts. I recently came across this little program for something else–a faculty performance of John Milton’s Samson … Continue reading

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Jones College Mystery, circa late 1960s

There’s actually a lot about Jones that’s mysterious from an historical perspective. We have very few materials from their early years so when something turns up it often needs explanation. Here’s one of those things, the inside cover of the … Continue reading

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Sammy, 1950

This picture is labeled “Sammy 1950” and it looks to me like that bird with those talons is inside someone’s dorm room. The mind reels. Bonus: This is more my speed. I’ve noticed several of these guys around recently. Also … Continue reading

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The Politics of Pogo, 1952

Over the years one of the great sources of solace for me in this vale of tears has been comic strips, good, indifferent, and even very, very not very good ones. So my attention was instantly grabbed when I ran … Continue reading

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“The cat doesn’t care for it,” 1957

I lost my mom three years ago this week and in the interim her older brother also passed away. When he died I came into possession of his papers and photographs. Among them I found this 1957 article about my … Continue reading

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Tau Beta Pi Bent, 1949

I felt a small surge of panic when I came across this picture and flashed back to my epic 2013 struggle (here, here, and here) to figure out when the Tau Beta Pi bent moved from the front of Abercrombie to … Continue reading

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