Rice vs. Army, Homecoming 1958

Update: After receiving tips from a couple of reader who are clearly older than I am (see comments), I now know that the “lonesome end” was one Fred Carpenter. Carpenter was also an outstanding individual. Here is a link to an excellent 1993 Sports Illustrated article about him.

Last week I got an email from my friend Nancy Burch, who sent along a fabulous picture she had recently found of preparations for the 1958 Homecoming.

Here’s what she had to say: “This was taken in the driveway of my parent’s home on Dryden, where we built the homecoming ‘floats’ for my class all four years. This one, when completed, won first prize in 1958. The theme was ‘Hanging Out the Old Gray Line,” as we played Army that year. We had a clothes line strung between goal posts with the jerseys of Pete Dawkins and other Army star players.”

Naturally, the first thing I wondered was whether we won the game and the second thing I wondered was who Pete Dawkins was. As soon as I got back to the Woodson this morning I looked it up in the Thresher. Rice had a pretty good team in 1958. (You can get a bit of a snapshot of the situation in the Southwest Conference the day before the game by clicking on the Thresher article to the right.) The Owls gave Army, which was ranked third in the nation, a run for their money, losing a tight contest when Army halfback Pete Dawkins scored with under a minute left to play. Army finished the season undefeated. Rice ended up having a mediocre season, losing two of their remaining three SWC games and ending the year at 5-5.

As for Pete Dawkins, he won the Heisman trophy that year. He was also president of his class and first captain of cadets at West Point. Then he spent three years at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and served 24 years in the Army, becoming the then-youngest brigadier general at age 43 in 1981. Somewhere along the way he earned a Ph.D. in public policy from Princeton. After retiring from the military, he had a successful career on Wall Street. There’s a great story about him, written on the occasion of the retiring of his jersey, here at the Army athletics website. You should read it–he’s really an amazing fellow.

So now there’s only one little thing niggling at me, but I have too much to do to look it up right now. In that Thresher piece, they talk about Army’s “lonesome end.” Sounds like some kind of spread offense, maybe. I’ll check it out later, unless someone can tell me what that’s all about.

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  1. Lawrence Cook says:

    “Lonesome End” in Google tagged Bill Carpenter. The Sports Illustrated Article on him is very extensive and fascinating. My personal recollection of him comes as a 12 year old boy selling cokes in the upper east stands of Rice Stadium — seeing him not coming into the huddle. Nothing more than that as a personal recollection. I grew up at the corner of Sunset & Hazard and Rice was very much a part of my growing up years. Both parents (Raymond A. Cook & Florence Bryan Cook) were alums; my father was one of 5 brothers who all graduated from Rice (W. Lawrence Cook, Jr., John E. Cook, Frank Cook and Robert L. Cook) None of us 4 siblings went to Rice, but my son Bryan A. Cook (from Albuquerque, NM) graduated with honors, I believe in ’98. I’ve become connected with The Rice History Corner via the daily Rubpa — Rice Update thanks to my connection with Jimmy Disch.

    • Melissa Kean says:

      I’m very happy you’re here and thanks so much for your comments. I’ve been looking through a lot of student scrapbooks recently, and I’ve definitely noticed the name Cook turn up from time to time. I’ll start paying closer attention now that I realize they may be your relatives.

  2. TikiOwl says:

    As Lawrence points out Carpenter would not huddle with the rest of the offense when Army had the ball. He would stand out alone on the line of scrimmage “lonesome” and would receive play information by the way in which the QB stood.

    Along with the win in 1957 over number one Texas A&M the Army game the next year ranks near the top of my all time favorite Rice games I have seen. Here is a photo of the Stadium on game day.


  3. Here’s a link to view video highlights of this 1958 Rice Homecoming game versus Army (the game discussed above). The newsreel narrator also mentions the “Lonesome End” when describing Carpenter:
    Homecoming 1958 – Rice versus Army on CriticalPast
    If you are a history buff, you may enjoy viewing this as well as lots of other history nuggets from the 1890’s to 1990’s that we have on CriticalPast. Sorry we have very little Rice footage, but we do have over 57,000 historical videos and 7 million still photos in total.
    – Andy Erickson
    Jones School ’94
    Co-Founder, CriticalPast

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