Homecoming 1958 and a great website

I just got a note from a Rice alum with a link to a video about the Rice-Army game in 1958. He also links to a really fantastic website of archival video that he co-founded. It is definitely worth a look. In fact, it looks like so much fun that I don’t expect to get anything else done for the rest of the afternoon. (But remember–this is my job!)

“Here’s a link to view video highlights of this 1958 Rice Homecoming game versus Army (the game discussed above). The newsreel narrator also mentions the “Lonesome End” when describing Carpenter:

Homecoming 1958 – Rice versus Army on CriticalPast
If you are a history buff, you may enjoy viewing this as well as lots of other history nuggets from the 1890′s to 1990′s that we have on CriticalPast. Sorry we have very little Rice footage, but we do have over 57,000 historical videos and 7 million still photos in total.”
– Andy Erickson
Jones School ’94
Co-Founder, CriticalPast

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