Friday Afternoon Follies

I noticed that I neglected to include a good picture of a young(ish) H.A. Wilson in yesterday’s post, so here he is chaperoning a picnic in 1916 0r 1917. The students loved to go in groups to the bay or down to San Jacinto. This picture, I think, is the latter. It’s a little hard to tell, but Wilson is riding in a boat with a bunch of girls and his colleague, philosophy professor Radoslav Tsanoff.

Bonus: Just in case you were thinking that it’s probably really dull working in the archives, here is a picture of Grant Specialist Damian in his new hat. This is just how it rolls in the Woodson. Don’t even try to stop us.


Finally, alert reader Jim Pomerantz sent in a picture of the bluebonnets that are blooming down in the drainage-challenged area between the track stadium and the new power plant. My heartiest congratulations and thanks to whoever thought of planting these–they’re really beautiful.

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