That strange altar in the chapel, and some chairs

Still no internet at my house! Our service provider, the worst company in the history of commerce, says they can’t get it back on until Saturday, so today’s post comes to you from the library of St. George church in West U.

I’m still thinking about the chapel. First, I ran across this picture of some sweet chairs that they had in there when it opened. They are still there, piled up in the choir loft and somewhat worse for the wear. A little refinishing and they’d be great again.

Second, one of the things I’ve been really curious about in the chapel is the odd looking altar in the front. As I’ve been looking through materials related to the chapel I’ve kept an eye open for any information about it, and yesterday I finally found something. In a photo caption the altar design is described as having been based  on “the well in the courtyard of St. John in Rome.” I assumed that this referred to the glorious cloister at St. John Lateran, and it was indeed so. Here’s a picture of that well:

Click on this for a better look.

And here’s the altar:

You can definitely see the resemblance. I don’t think I’m any kind of expert on this, but it does sort of seem like something was lost in the translation.

Bonus photo:

They've started refinishing the doors!

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  1. gus schill says:

    According to Dr. Tsanoff’s remarks the exterior of the altar represents the various religions of the world. As each one travels on its individual radius to the center there is an increase in similarity. Finally the various radii meet in the center (God) and they are all 0ne.

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