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Fondren Circulation Desk, 1949

I’m back from vacation and, as I suspected, I’m going to have to scramble a bit to get caught up. One of the more interesting things I had in my inbox was a question from FE&P about the original lighting … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies, plus an update

I have a blister on my hand from hitting too many golf balls (on the driving range, NOT on the course, by the way), so I have time for a post this afternoon since I can’t play. There’s been a … Continue reading

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Alice Dean wading at Galveston

Alice Dean was a member of the Institute’s first graduating class in 1916, but she didn’t have a lot in common with most of her classmates. She came to Rice in 1913, having been superintendent of high schools in Victoria … Continue reading

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LBJ at Sid? and I’m going on vacation!

In a comment to an earlier post on LBJ’s unannounced helicopter landing at Rice someone mentioned that he had heard Johnson speak at the dedication of Sid Richardson College. That reminded me of these unlabeled photos that I had seen … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Trolley Edition

The trolley that ran between Eagle Avenue and the Institute was a source of near constant hilarity for the Rice students of the early era. Here are two cartoons on trolley themes. The first is probably better executed, but the … Continue reading

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Brockman Hall (the new physics building)

I mentioned the other day that former Dean of Natural Sciences Kathy Matthews so kindly took me on a tour through the recently dedicated Brockman Hall. As much as I love the old building, this one is also stunning. I … Continue reading

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Finding the ROTC buildings

I’m still working through all the slides I looked at last week. There’s a lot to think about. I found pictures of not one, but two ROTC buildings, Navy and Army, both taken in 1952. This first one is the … Continue reading

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