Friday Afternoon Follies

While we’re on the subject of light poles, get a load of this pointless stunt, circa 1938. I wonder if they had the greased pole back then.

 I can’t stop myself from noting the protective glass around the bulb itself. That wasn’t there in the picture from the opening day procession–there were just small bare bulbs in the lamps (which were gas, by the way). Also, the wiring for the entire system that was strung between the poles is gone here. When did all this happen? It’s just crossed my mind that I have a plausible place to look for the answer. Hold your breath!

And here’s what they look like now. I’m pretty sure that’s plastic, but I’m totally unsure why you’d use something that seems like it would decrease the amount of available light.

Some of them have a clear protective covering, though. I’m certainly no expert, but this seems like a better idea:

Just for fun I went up to the office of a complete stranger in the Office of International Students and Scholars in Lovett Hall and asked if I could take a picture out her window. She was extremely gracious and allowed me to do so. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually get out on the roof, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The sight lines that existed when that picture of the opening procession was taken are completely gone now.

Bonus picture! I took this one this morning. Sorry for all the rambling–it’s Friday!

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  1. How wonderful this blog is and all the work that you do for Rice!
    I had a delightful lunch with Candy and Jim Yee yesterday and she mentioned hearing stories from her father, Charles Soon Chan (’41, Architecture) hanging from light poles on Main Street. So I thought if anyone would know why and have photos, it would be Rice History Corner — and this was the recent post. THANK YOU!!

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