Road Work

Anyone who’s visited campus this summer will have been unavoidably aware of the road repaving project that has shut down most of the south part of the loop road. It’s been kind of a drag–remember this post?–but it’s hard to complain now that I know they’ve actually finished early and the road will reopen tomorrow.

Here’s a picture from this afternoon, which shows the jazzy new brick walkways that they probably think will tempt us to ignore the traditional shortcuts through the jasmine.

Just yesterday I ran across this picture from February, 1913, taken just a bit further west along this same road: Much better now, I think.

Bonus: What all this? Rice stadium astroturf, circa 1970s, 80s, 90s, 00s, brought to us by Larry Miggins, recently retired from many years of service in FE&P. Click a couple of times to zoom in–you can get a decent look at the various textures. We’ve been trying to locate samples like this for years, and we’re extremely grateful to Larry for his help.

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2 Responses to Road Work

  1. Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT says:

    On which type did the OWLS win the most games?

    • larry joe miggns says:

      I would guess the original Astroturf on the far left since it was there the longest and what Tommy kramer played on during the Homer Rice and the Rice Air Corps era. I played on it during the 70’s while at St.Thomas when Rice stadium was our home field and it was unforgiving and very hard not to mention the Rice logo was painted on, Left many a player’s skin and blood from kness and elbows there. Great Question,larry j miggins

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