Friday Afternoon Follies: “Nature, red in tooth and claw” edition

This isn’t really a folly so much as a small reign of terror. Here’s what I saw in Founder’s Court on my way in to work this morning:That is a big, big hawk. It’s hard to tell from this, but he’s letting me get so close because he’s busy eating his breakfast, one of these fellows:

Sorry, buddy.

Finally he got tired of me and flew off with the squirrel in his talons. A bit boggled, I showed a picture of this to Susann Glenn from FE&P. She laughed and sent me another photo of the same guy keeping the rabbit population in check over at my favorite spot on campus, the drainage wasteland by the track stadium. This was taken by Neville Mann, Rice’s lead arborist:

Evan Mintz, this rabbit is for you.

I’m pretty tired from the effort I’m using to keep from making jokes about the Rice food chain, but here are a couple of quickies from this week in the archives. These are just a few of the things that found their way into our collection in the last few days: The 1935 Southwest Conference Basketball Championship trophy was in a storage closet in the gym. (I’m not saying where I got the cheerleader outfit and pompoms.)

This Cotton Bowl blanket also came to us from Athletics, along with a Rice Letterman’s blanket. Both had been carefully stored are are nearly perfectly preserved.

A couple of pretty major things also turned up this week, and I’ll fill you in on them on Monday.

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