A Bonus Photo from the 1962 Media Day: Cheerleaders!

I was interested to see several Media Day shots that included the Rice cheerleaders, both alone and with some of the players. There were only a few cheerleaders back then, and I believe they were elected. Anyway, while gazing intently at one of these photos a colleague in the Woodson said, “Is that Albert Kidd?”

Oh yes, it certainly is. Albert (or “Alberto,” as he is sometimes known) is the guy on the left in between number 24 and number 85:

Albert shows up in some later photos as well. This picture of the Rice Board of Trustees was taken in either December, 1999 or March, 2000 and he’s the one seated at left:

It also just so happens that we have an artifact from Albert’s cheerleading days in the Woodson, where it it stored in the vault. It’s his megaphone, which I liberated from his garage a few years ago. (These things are shockingly heavy, by the way.)

I’m sure there’s a lesson somewhere in this story. Now that I think about it, there are several, but I’ll mention only two. First, how wonderful to have such long, deep ties and to be willing to give your best for your school for a lifetime. Second, you probably shouldn’t let me into your garage.

I’ll check on the other 1962 cheerleaders when I get back in the Woodson in a week or so.

Extra bonus: Grungy somehow cleaned up the picture of Jess Neely and the owl from yesterday. It’s much better. Thanks, Grungy!

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