Friday Afternoon Follies

I think it would be possible to do a whole series just on campus parking. It’s got it all–comedy, tragedy, revenge, near-murderous fury, occasionally even sex. I have one parking memo that I found in a file at Tulane that includes a discussion about peacocks.

Here’s what they did to you at Rice in the 1930s if you broke a parking rule. I think I’d feel pretty bad if I found one of these on my windshield. My dad used to do stuff like this to me.

Things have escalated a bit since.

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  1. Robert J. Cruikshank says:

    Parking at Rice these days have changed from years ago, as learned by guests yesterday, 8/5/2011.
    Those not knowing they needed credit cards for visitor parking, especially in the 100+ temps, became very impatient until security directed some to parking where they could pay in cash. Most were not Rice Alums and thus more impatient. Invitations should include more instructions, just as your posting on parking of years ago could have used more clarification.

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