Temporary Construction Buildings

This is a side view.

Recent years have seen the addition of quite a few new buildings on Rice’s campus as well as several significant renovation projects. There were so many projects going on over a period of  years that it began to feel like the temporary construction headquarters building was permanent. It even had its own landscaping. It was on the south part of the loop, on the corner across the street from Herring Hall and it was easily one of the nicest one we’ve had.

It started coming down around the end of July. Here’s a shot of it with the trailers gone and the wooden frame that surrounded it still up:

A couple of days later it was gone entirely:

Every time a new building was built at Rice, one of these temporary buildings went up and then came down. Most of them were more like sheds, housing equipment rather than office space. I kind of think of them as soldiers, sacrificing themselves for their comrades.

Here are a couple of sheds I’ve always admired. Can anybody guess what was being built here?

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  1. CW McCullagh says:

    Well, the name of the photo gives it away, I think…

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    Thanks, CW. Fixed it. I’m old–I didn’t know you could see it!

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