Rice-Galveston Club, 1927

I’m having technical troubles today and I’ve got meetings all afternoon so the best I can do today is a small piece of ephemera from a student’s scrapbook. This is mildly interesting in several ways–the jazz age imagery (this looks like pretty loose behavior!) and the close relationship between Houston and Galveston in particular.

Also, I don’t usually get real worked up over images of owls (I’ve seen too many otherwise sane people end up with thousands of owls in their homes, executed in everything from glitter to yarn), but the little owl on the second page is very cute. This simply cannot be denied.

In all honesty, I’m on the road tomorrow so I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a really great post then either. I’ll do my best, though!

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2 Responses to Rice-Galveston Club, 1927

  1. Joan Krajca-Radcliffe says:

    That little owl image reminds me of the owl that Rice/Lebron are using now on Twitter, etc….

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