Friday Afternoon Follies

Really, I don’t even know where to start with this. I’d guess it’s about 1960.

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  1. Rick Sheridan Wiess '86 says:

    I would go ’59 or ’60 based on the license plate.

  2. C Kelly says:

    I just noticed that ol’ boy has a hand grenade clipped to his belt. (It’s a dummy, right?)

  3. licence plate is 1959

  4. Grungy says:

    I like the shoes behind the rear tire and the pre- R-Room stadium, with the “Rice Institute” sign.

  5. joni says:

    Looks like an early version of the wheel-locking boot for parking tickets!

  6. Keith Cooper says:

    Two things strike me in the photograph. First, the subject is a Rice student, given the ring on his right hand. A little more magnification might show whether the ring is worn in the pre-graduation
    or post-graduation orientation. Second, his body language and the Corvette patch on the shirt suggest that it is his car (along with his real shoes hidden behind the tire, as Grungy pointed out).

    All in all, it looks like a posed shot for the Campanile.

    Finally, if you look to the left of the stadium, what is that building in the background?

    • Melissa Kean says:

      I suspect you’re right. We have a lot of pictures floating around that came from Campanile photographers over the years. A few I’ve actually seen in the yearbook, but most of them never got used. I could go back and look at the 59 and 60 yearbooks, but that is a last resort. And I’m in Omaha anyway.

      Great call on that building. I confess I didn’t notice it and I further acknowledge that I don’t know what it is.

  7. Karl Benson says:

    This photo was first published on page 53 of Campanile ’59. The caption on that page is all that is needed to explain it for those of us who were at Rice at the time.

  8. The Corvette is a ’59. The ’58’s have vents on the hood and the ’60’s are visually very similar but if the ’60’s didn’t come out until fall ’59 it probably wouldn’t have made it into the Campanile ’59.

    • Karl Benson says:

      I own a copy of Campanile ’59 (my freshman year) which I’m looking at as I write, and this photo is definitely on page 53. In the Campanile the license plate is clearly legible as TEXAS 58, so the photo was taken in 1958 in the fall since the ’59 models would have come out then. A related photo is in Melissa’s blog post of August 5, 2011. Things did indeed escalate from the ’30s to the ’50s!

      • Melissa Kean says:

        So who is this guy?

        • Karl Benson says:

          That I don’t know. Undoubtedly an upperclassman; probably a member of Army ROTC who had access to the equipment. I looked at the ROTC pages in the Campanile, but they were no help. Perhaps a member of the class of ’59 or ’60 could help identify him.

          BTW, the captions on the two photos at the bottom of page 276 of Campanile ’59 are reversed. The battalion sponsor in the left photo is Suzy Rhodes, Mary Anne Boone is on the right; although the cadet officers identified appear to be correct.

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