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Friday Afternoon Follies

We need to bring back Hawaiian parties.

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Living in the Dorm

All I have tonight are a couple of tidbits of the early “on-campus” experience at South Hall. Both of these came out of the scrapbook that was kept by Ervin “Tiny” Kalb, a member of the class of 1916 and … Continue reading

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Landscaping the Dorms

For a couple of reasons I’ve gotten quite a few questions this semester about campus landscaping. Some of them I could answer, others I couldn’t, but they’ve all had me carrying the problem around in the back of my mind … Continue reading

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A minor disaster leads to this post on radio equipment, of all things

I had a long, (and brilliant!) intricately plotted, two-part post all written in my mind but I screwed up the scan of the key photograph this afternoon and didn’t realize it until just now. Rather than give in to despair, … Continue reading

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More miscellany, or From mules to the moon

Well, not quite the moon but definitely headed in that direction. I had a very busy day, but in between my usual lunatic errands I had a few minutes to continue exploring the “Miscellaneous” drawer. Again, I got quite a … Continue reading

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Friday Evening Follies

I don’t think there was any era where this was standard attire, but it otherwise looks like the early 1920s. Look at the faces of the kids in the seats.

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“Miscellaneous”: Inanimate Objects Edition

There’s a drawer at the end of our photo file cabinets that is partially dedicated to “miscellaneous” pictures. I’ve never looked in there, which makes sense when you stop and think about it. What would be a compelling reason to … Continue reading

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