Christmas, Continued

I received several objections–all of them citing the fleeting nature of life–to my decision in the last post to save one of the Christmas cards I found in Professor Lear’s papers for next year. The point is well taken. So, in honor of the Second Day of Christmas here we go: 

The real reason I held this one back is that I don’t really understand what it is yet. In the rush at the end of the semester I couldn’t find even a few moments to do any research about it. I should explain that I came across it only recently and that it’s the only example we’ve seen of a card sent by President Pitzer. I’m not sure what year it was sent or where the image came from. If anyone knows anything about it, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

The Woodson is closed this week and my little Ann is visiting from Nebraska, so I might be a bit erratic here but I plan to continue ransacking my laptop for whatever images I can find. You’d be surprised if you could see what odd things I’ve accumulated. Its a bit like your batty old aunt’s attic.

Bonus: I was at school last Friday and it was simply desolate. But I was stopped in my tracks by this sad plea from a simple plant. It’s a little ironic, it seems to me, as you rarely encounter a smoker outside the library these days. They used to be common, pacing back and forth at all hours. Today they’re almost gone, replaced by people on cell phones.

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  1. C Kelly says:

    I can see the artist is Bill Condon, Class of ’49. (Maybe everyone knows his background, but here’s a little info I found quickly. ). Looks like he did it in ’62. (I may be stating the obvious, but it looks to me that he’s given his impression of the quadrangle side of the Sallyport.)

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