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Some Random Updates, Inspired by the Comments Section

I really appreciate all the ideas and questions in the comments this week. Some puzzling things have certainly cropped up these past few days. I’ll start with the football tucked under the fellow’s arm in this picture from Monday. A … Continue reading

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Commencement 1920, complete with a big surprise

Just a quick one this afternoon–we’re headed to the Rockets game tonight, where I anticipate booing Kobe with great enthusiasm. I had occasion today to discuss how the early commencement ceremonies were arranged. I’m pretty sure that the faculty robed … Continue reading

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Another Bout of Geographical Confusion, a Really Bad One This Time

This is quite an odd photo. It looks to be three baseball players plus one football player. At least, he’s wearing a different kind of uniform and he seems to have a football tucked under his arm. But where are … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Library Humor Edition

So we have these small wooden blocks that we use to prop things up in display cases: I realized today what the original use of these blocks had been when I noticed that this particular one had something affixed to … Continue reading

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A Cohen House video, plus a plea for assistance

First, let me show you a video about Cohen House. There are three fantastic things in this: a picture of my daughter at her wedding reception, pictures of Alan Chapman and Marjorie Bray’s wedding reception and footage of me creeping … Continue reading

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The Community House, Part III

In an unusual move, I actually went looking for something specific for this blog today. I’d been mulling over what I knew about the events that were held at the Community House and I was curious enough about it that … Continue reading

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William Marsh Rice’s Checkbook

This is a strange one, even for me. There were a couple of boxes of William Marsh Rice’s correspondence sitting out on the map case today–I don’t know who was using them or why. But there they were, so I … Continue reading

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