A Little Miscellany

I’ll be on the road this afternoon and evening so you get an early post today, just a couple of odds and ends. First, as I continued thinking about this picture

I recalled that before they were installed there had been considerable discussion about what the lamp posts should look like. Here’s a drawing made by Wilmer Waldo of his proposal, showing roughly the same area where the girls are posing:

I have to say that I think Lovett made the right choice. All those globes look too busy.

Second, I ran across this beautiful shot in Maxwell O. Reade’s scrapbook:

I’m curious about where precisely he was standing when he took it, but mostly I’m just glad he did. This is a unique picture. As usual, Reade labeled it–this time only with the date, 1938. You can see clearly that the allee between South Hall and West Hall is still a road, but even better there’s a great view of the long primrose hedge between the dorms and the football field. It looks enormous! Here it is at ground level:

Bonus: In a major surprise, they have a post with John Travolta in it up on the Glasscock School blog!

See you all back in Houston.

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  1. effegee says:

    The Reade photo looks like it was taken from the “kitchen tower” of Baker College (called the “ninth entrance” during 1969-73), probably the fifth floor. In the early ’70s the Baker College president resided in the tower. An opening (perhaps a balcony?) from the second floor of this tower overlooked the Commons dining room on the inside.

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