Friday Afternoon Follies: Killing Time Edition

It’s unlabeled. My guess is he’s an engineer and I know mid-70s hair when I see it.

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7 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies: Killing Time Edition

  1. Barney L. McCoy says:

    However those appear to be bellbottoms, which could place it in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
    Barney L. McCoy Hanszen 67

  2. Kathy says:

    I couldn’t name the guys, but they look vaguely familiar, and I graduated in ’71 so I think Barney’s on the money.

  3. wunderwood says:

    Love the shag carpet. And the boots and “the dry look” hair.

  4. marmer01 says:

    Apropos of nothing except Rice college time-killing, nerdy fashion: somewhere I read that you couldn’t fold a piece of paper in half more than nine times. Naturally, this required experimental confirmation. My roommate and I first tried taping the whole Houston Chronicle into one big sheet. Couldn’t get more than about six or seven folds. Then we tried toilet paper (thinner, you know) the whole length of a Hanszen old-section hallway. That got us to eight. Never could fold anythinge even nine times, let alone more than that

  5. Doris Williams says:

    I believe the guitarist is Ray Wilson, Will Rice, Class of 1975. He performs around town, sometimes at Prego’s in the Village.

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