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Friday Afternoon Follies: Freshman Edition

One more picture from Freshman Week 1970. This is a really nice image. I only wish I knew who they were calling. Bonus: I got caught in the rain today, and I am still wet right now!

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Freshman Week 1970, Part IV

As Freshman Week 1970 nears it’s end (again), I’m reminded that freshmen have a lot of  people to meet. I’ve heard nice stories of students finding people who would become their lifelong friends or even future spouses at freshman mixers, … Continue reading

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Freshman Week 1970, Part III

Reasonably enough, one of the main points of Freshman Week seems to have been the giving and receiving of advice and orientation. I’m not completely certain, but common sense would tell you that it must have revolved around course selection … Continue reading

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Freshman Week 1970, Part II

At some point everyone had to go get their picture taken for their identification card. This operation took place in the RMC and by the look of it, it was not anything like the painful process that one undergoes at … Continue reading

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Freshman Week 1970, Part I

Last Friday I found an entire folder of pictures taken during Freshman Week in 1970. (I’d never seen them before, which I suspect is because they were filed rather unhelpfully under “Students.”) They’re really very good, I think. At least … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Killing Time Edition

It’s unlabeled. My guess is he’s an engineer and I know mid-70s hair when I see it.

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The Rice Engineering Show

Here’s the latest video, this time about the Rice Engineering Show. I admit I get a kick out of it: I was feeling quite frazzled when Brandon came over to shoot, but he coaxed me through it by making me … Continue reading

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