Thursday Afternoon Follies: Graduation Euphoria Edition

I’m taking the day off tomorrow. Don’t even try to stop me. Really. You have no chance of stopping me.

So we’ll kick up our heels in a high-spirited fashion today, starting with 1984:

And 1919:

Not much is different besides the beer.

Bonus: Just because I can’t get this image of the gorilla on the roof of the gym from last week out of my head. He seems to be imploring us for something. It’s both hilarious and somehow poignant.

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5 Responses to Thursday Afternoon Follies: Graduation Euphoria Edition

  1. C Kelly says:

    I think he’s pining for Fay Wray.

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    That made me laugh. Thanks!

  3. James Medford says:

    The guy in the 1984 picture is drinking Schaefer … the beer to have when you’re having more than one!

  4. Keith Cooper says:

    A couple of small points. The 1984 shot was clearly taken on what is now known as Founder’s court; you can tell from the trees (as well as the date). Note also the absence of college stoles; modern degree recipients wear college specific stoles – in some colleges, multiple kinds of stoles. Degree recipients now purchase (rather than rent) Rice-specific robes, rather than the generic black Bachelor’s robe shown in the 1984 photo.

  5. In ’85 I had a Hanszen stole. Solid black with aqua edging. The Hanszen Fellows (chosen for their service to the College) had aqua stoles with the Hanszen crest. So my commencement must have been the first year for those.

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