Jess Neely Meets the Press

I’ve been traveling today so I’m kind of wiped out. I thought I would just post a picture that I love, even though I’m not really able to explain it at all. I’ll be in Omaha for a couple of weeks later in the month and I might do the same thing a few times then too. There are quite a few photos that I don’t understand but I’ve scanned anyway just because I think they’re neat. If you happen to know anything about this one, please fill me in. I can’t even begin to guess what year it might be.

Bonus: Summer’s really here.

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14 Responses to Jess Neely Meets the Press

  1. Dara says:

    Ohh- what a little princess! Thanks for sharing

  2. C Kelly says:

    A former player will know, but isn’t that Bill Whitmore on the left?

  3. lilypons says:

    Press interview…before the football game (see shoulder pads) because the guy on the bench is too clean for it to be after?…1960s?…Who? Great pic. Thanks!

  4. Mike Ross says:

    CKelly is correct. The man on the far-left is definitely Rice’s longtime Sports Information Director, Bill Whitmore.

  5. Tiki Owl says:

    Agree on Bill Whitmore. I am going to say it is either after the Blue vs Gray Spring Game since it looks like the locker room is divided (note the sign saying Blue) or after a road game (with the sign saying Go Blue).

    • C Kelly says:

      I was thinking the same thing, but I was never in the locker rooms at Rice Stadium. Couldn’t say if that was an away game or spring game. I’ll ask a former player if he can tell.

      • C Kelly says:

        My classmate & former player says he can’t tell if that’s the Rice Stadium locker room or not.

  6. I remember when Bill Whitmore came down to KTRU to record a promo for baseball. It was a 30 second spot and he did it in one take, 29 seconds. What a pro.

  7. C Kelly says:

    One other thing: there’s a person in Omaha who needs some blue and gray summer attire.

  8. Barney L. McCoy says:

    It’s definitely Whitmore. Glad some Owl will be in Omaha this June. Had to cancel my reservations when the bats went cold when it really counted. And I had finally convinced my wife to join me.
    Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67

  9. John Wolda '56 says:

    Bill Whitmore was the SID back then when there was only 1 SID. Because of his gift of gab,he was called “the barber”. He was a good friend and a great guy. Like Tom Landry,Coach always wore a hat.

  10. John Coles says:

    Gene Walker confirmed the Blue Grey game, Neely and Whitmore. In the middle is Joe McLaughlin, sports writer for the Houston Chronicle. The player may be Murphy Davis and the year would be 1965 or 1966. Go Owls.

  11. Deborah Gronke Bennett says:

    Isn’t the blog wonderful? It writes itself!

  12. Prebble McLaghlin Ramswell says:

    Thanks for posting this… the man in the middle is indeed my dad, Joe McLaughlin who was a sports writer for the Chronicle. I have never seen this picture before…. great to see it.

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