Votes for Women, Part II: Protesting Works Up a Thirst

The other day I posted this picture of Camile Waggaman playing tennis on campus:

In that post I also mentioned her sister Adele, who showed up in this “Votes for Women” photo:

As I was looking at those girls in their fancy hats it struck me that I’d seen them somewhere else (the hats, that is). It took several days of this rolling around in the back of my head for me to remember where. Here they are, in a couple of pictures that must have been taken on the same day. I had scanned them for no real reason—just because I liked the images.

This is Adele.

Bonus: This is strange but true. A second alert reader, Farrell Gerbode, sends confirmation of the sorry state of Italian cypresses by the Colisseum:

He notes, though, that many Roman cypresses are in fact standing up under their own power:

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