Football, 1957: Preseason

I got quite a few requests today from emailers and commenters for more about the 1957 football season. The scrapbook we have, kept by one of the cheerleaders, is really charming and does cover the season thoroughly so I’m happy to oblige. I think what I’ll do is just post a little at a time, spaced out over maybe a month and a half or so. Bear in mind that it’s sometimes difficult to scan things in a scrapbook—they’re often fragile and pasted in at odd angles and so forth—but I’ll do my best.

Before the season started, people thought the team might be good. Here’s the schedule: And this assessment of the situation is from a short preseason guide:

 The thing that jumps out at you today is that there were multiple capable players at several positions, including two talented quarterbacks, King Hill and Frank Ryan. That sounds, frankly, like a recipe for disaster. I’d be interested to find out exactly why it wasn’t.

Next time, we’ll see what happens at LSU.





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  1. Tiki Owl says:

    Thanks Melissa.

  2. nburch2 says:

    Thanks, Melissa, for this story line. It’s particularly appropriate as a celebration of King Hill’s life. The fall of ’57 was my freshman year and it was an exciting time.

  3. Thanks, this is great stuff.

    Something else, I noted the phone number. What did JA-6 stand for. I cannot remember. But I note it is the same 526 that we had in the 70s.

    ON the side, Miss Classified was still 713-224-6868. as recently as 10 years ago. (Capital-4-6868). Talk about great advertising in the 1960’s. That number has stuck in my head despite not using it in 11 years and being out of the country for 14 years.

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      “…in my head despite not using it in 11 years and being out of the country for 14 years.”

      That’s nothing: I can still remember my home phone number from 1952, despite being away from Memphis and not using it since that date, and out of my mind for even longer than that!

  4. Grungy says:

    JA was for the JAckson frame – the phone switch building.
    The switch building is on the corner of Richmond and Graustark.
    All 52- numbers were originally based there.

    (For some unknown reason, years ago the the phones in Sears in Memorial City were also 52- numbers.)

  5. Foiled again!

  6. @Gene, but you used your home phone all the time. It was rare for us to call the Chronicle Classifieds.

    • Francis Eugene "Gene" PRATT, Institute Class of '56 says:

      Why do you make me feel like Rodney Dangerfield?
      (And you never did tell us what the regalia you are regaled in is regaling!)

  7. Regalia of a Bishop, Christian Church, Synod of St. Timothy, eastern style except for the mitre.

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