Weekly Video: William Marsh Rice’s House, plus Critter Control

Here’s this week’s centennial video, which includes a heartfelt plea to go look at an old house, just for the fun of it:

And today’s bonus is totally awesome: I was walking around the outside of the library this morning trying to find something I mentioned in yesterday’s post—the fifth relief that used to be over the south windows in the original Fondren building. I came around a corner and found these guys:

They are Nancy Rowe and Roy Perez from FE&P and they do a job that I didn’t realize existed until today—Rice critter control. In essence, they make sure that the campus animal life that is so delightful to watch doesn’t get in the way of the rest of us or get into places it doesn’t belong. They graciously let me hang around for a few minutes and answered my nosy questions. I was deeply impressed by their calm competence and obvious interest in the campus creatures. I’m very grateful to them for the care they take for all of us. But for all our sakes I’m not going to get into what specifically I found them doing, other than to say it was very exciting!

Extra bonus: After I left them I finally found the fifth relief, carefully hidden on the Anderson Hall side of the library entrance. It’s there in the left hand corner, where you are pretty much guaranteed to never see it.

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  1. Roy and Nancy do a lot of cool stuff. Critter control is a smallish part. You know what you do not want? You do not want birds in Alice Pratt Brown Hall. They’ve helped me with that a few times. In fact, didn’t you see me with a net in the foyer once? Roy gave me that net.

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