Football, 1957: LSU

Rice started the 1957 season on the road at LSU as a five-point favorite. Although throughout the first half it seemed that they were going to lose (and possibly be blown out) they staged a second-half comeback to win 20-14.  I started to scan the story in the Thresher but then decided to go ahead and do the whole page. (Here’s a bit of “Inside the Archives”: the physical size of the Thresher has changed regularly over the decades, varying from big enough to to make copying a problem all the way to today’s small size. It just happens that in 1957 it was exactly the size of my scanner bed. There’s a lot to be learned from looking at the rest of the stuff too, so I threw it in here. There are actually two stories here about the game–one straight reporting and the other commentary. What the heck.) I know it looks tiny, but a couple clicks will allow even you old guys to read it all.

There wasn’t too much about this game in the scrapbook I’m using, but I did find one interesting item. It looks like it was a really long day.

Bonus: The last paragraph of the article was on page six.


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  1. Leoguy says:

    Interesting. The team stayed at a hotel between their late morning arrival in BR and the evening game and then flew back to Houston instead of spending the night in BR. Hope they got the “day” rate! And, they had a short walk after lunch. As a group. Were they holding hands, too?

  2. The adds are as fun as the articles. One hour martinizing had only been around 8 years.
    Is Minit Man Car Wash still on Main. We used to wash our car there occasionally in the 60’s. The one on Harrisburg is still there.

  3. James says:

    I love the “Rice History Corner”, especially when there are newspaper articles involved. Michael Joe mentioned the car wash and cleaners, did you notice the prices in the cafeteria ad, Breakfast, 50 cents, lunch 75 cents and dinner, 85 cents. I bet coffee or tea was still a nickel. Love it, keep up the good work.

  4. In the article about intramurals, there is a comment “don’t bother to work it out on your A & B scale”. That refers to scales on a slide rule, but was clearly written by an academ, because that sort of calculation would be done on C & D scales. Duh.

  5. Gaylon Kent says:

    I, for one, appreciated the double-click-for-easier-reading technology. Who doesn’t, really?

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